Ananya Panday Just Photoshopped Aloo Bhujia in Her Drink & We’re So Confused…

COVID 19 Updates Ananya Panday Just Photoshopped Aloo Bhujia in Her Drink & We’re So Confused...

Do you notice something weird in the photo? Look closely:

That’s right. Ananya Panday has aloo bhujia in her glass! The image shows aloo bhujia photoshopped into her drink glass. Just like many users online, the what, why, and how of this situation fazed us for quite a while, but we quickly realised why she did it: to cover up the alcohol in her glass. Yes, this presumably funny story has kind of a sad background.

Sure, we all know trolls online are regressive and they need literally next to nothing to get on a star kid’s back and commence the incessant trolling. So Ananya decided to avoid it altogether by photoshopping aloo bhujia into her drink.

What continues to confuse us, however, is WHY aloo bhujia?! She could have simply cropped out the glass, NOT posted this specific picture at all, and yet, she chose the wackiest option of them all! We’d love to know why Ananya believed that all of us would simply look at a cocktail glass with aloo bhujia in it and dismiss it as nothing.

Here are some reactions from Reddit users:

Guess there are some things about the glam world that we just won’t understand!

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