Yuga Tulasi Foundation fires on Sai  Pallavi, demands apology

Yuga Tulasi Foundation fires on Sai  Pallavi, demands apology

Recently during the media interaction, Virata Parvam actress Sai Pallavi had said, “The Kashmiri Files showed how Kashmiri Pandits were killed at the time. If you are taking the issue as the religious conflict, recently a Muslim driver, who was transporting the cows, was beaten up and forced to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram.’ So where’s the difference between these two incidents?” Her statement created a controversy.


Few pro-Hindu organizations are slamming Fidaa actress and a police case was also filed against her. Now  according to the latest report, Yuga Tulasi Foundation fired on Sai Pallavi for the objectionable comments she made and demanded an apology from her. The members of the organization said that it was not expected from  Sai  Pallavi. They said that the actress hurt  them.

Yuga Tulasi Foundation members said that Cows are sacred to  the Hindus and attacks saving them and the exodus of Hindus from terrorists in  the Kashmir valley are not the same.”

On the otherside, yesterday, Sai Pallavi offered an explanation by sharing a video on Instagram. She said, “I think I will be thinking twice before I speak my heart because I am anxious that my words might be misinterpreted. So forgive me, if I take longer than usual to communicate my thoughts.”

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