Young lawyers must be inquisitive like detectives, tenacious as farmers, precise like surgeons: outgoing CJ

COVID 19 Updates Young lawyers must be inquisitive like detectives, tenacious as farmers, precise like surgeons: outgoing CJ

Young lawyers must be inquisitive as detectives, tenacious as farmers and precise like surgeons, said Telangana High Court Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma on Wednesday.

Addressing the gathering at the Full Court meeting bidding farewell to him on his transfer to Delhi High Court, the CJ appealed to the senior members of the bar to guide the youngsters. Stating that he was also a senior advocate of Madhya Pradesh HC before becoming a judge, the CJ recalled that in his initial days of legal profession junior lawyers would secure guidance from senior advocates.

“Now things have changed. The law schools train the students so well that they can start arguing from day one as an advocate,” the CJ said. The CJ said that, however, he personally felt that junior lawyers should seek guidance from seniors as certain basic values are taught only by seniors.

Stating that there were no shortcuts to hard work, he said the foremost duty of the judiciary was to strengthen the weak against the strong and protect the small fish from the bigger ones. he said integrity is hallmark of judicial discipline.

He thanked the State government for transforming 38 fast tracks to regular courts but emphasised the need to increase number of courts in the newly created districts. Justice Ujjal Bhuyan, who had been appointed Chief Justice of Telangana HC, said Justice Sharma had a refined mind hailing from an educated family.

“It is often said looks are deceptive. Justice Sharma comes across as a jovial person. That is only one side of his personality. He is a very serious judge and deeply concerned with and committed to judicial system,” Justice Ujjal Bhuyan said.

Advocate General B.S. Prasad said the initiatives taken by CJ Satish Chandra Sharma helped bring down the pendancy of cases in the HC to a great extent. In the zeal to dispose of cases, the CJ never left any counsel unheard, the AG said.

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