Why BJP bigwigs coming to city after discriminating TS, asks KTR

COVID 19 Updates Why BJP bigwigs coming to city after discriminating TS, asks KTR

Minister for IT, Industries and Urban Development K.T. Rama Rao has sought to know from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Ministers along with other bigwigs of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) why they are coming to the city next week after discriminating against Telangana in every possible manner.

He alleged that the BJP Government at the Centre had neither sanctioned any project/institution to the city/State nor given funds/grants in spite of recommendation by the NITI Aayog and Finance Commission. “The Centre has not given even a paisa to help the flood victims of Hyderabad after promising moon in the December 2020 elections, while it had given ₹1,000 crore to Gujarat for flood relief”, Mr. Rama Rao pointed out adding that the State Government had provided relief to the flood-affected families with ₹10,000 assistance each.

Speaking after inaugurating the Kaithlapur flyover between Hitec City and Kukatpally on Tuesday, he said the BJP had promised ‘rama rajyam’ (a welfare state) but turned the country into ‘ravana kaashtam’ (a land of endless conflicts) by dividing people and creating differences among them in the name of religion.

He also criticised the Centre on the issue of recruitment into the armed forces in the name of Agnipath scheme and condemned it for dubbing the youth protesting against the provisions of the scheme as anti-nationals. He observed that the BJP had no answers on issues such as demonetisation and bringing black money back, with which it promised to transform the country.

Mr. Rama Rao reminded the BJP that it was Mr. Modi who termed the then Manmohan Singh government at the Centre as inefficient and useless when the domestic LPG cylinder price crossed ₹400. Now it was over ₹1,050 and it was for the people to decide who was inefficient. He appealed to people to teach a lesson to parties that were trying to divide people.

Stating that Union Minister G. Kishan Reddy has asked the IDPL authorities to lodge a complaint against the engineers and other workers engaged in laying a road through the sick PSUs’ land for the benefit of adjoining localities, Mr. Rama Rao dared the former to lodge a complaint against him as he was the Urban Development Minister for laying the road.

While the TRS Government was trying to provide better movement of people with new skyways, flyovers, underpasses and road-overbridges, the Centre was creating hurdles by denying small parcels of Central institutions’ land for taking up such infrastructure development, he alleged.

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