WhatsApp Obtaining Trick Consent By Pushing Notifications: Centre

“The game plan is very clear, i.e., to transfer the entire existing user base committed to updated 2021 privacy policy before the Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill becomes the law (sic),” the affidavit by the centre read.

The Indian government also asserted that the Competition Commission of India (CCI) – a statutory body that works to protect the interests of consumers – has said that WhatsApp has contravened the provisions of Section 4 of the Competition Act, 2002, “through its exploitative and exclusionary conduct, in the garb of policy update”.

Earlier, in May, WhatsApp moved the Delhi High Court on the ground that the new IT rules would cause the platform to ‘break privacy protections’.

WhatsApp is worried that the social media intermediary IT rules will go against its ‘end-to-end encryption’ stance that pledges to never read or store messages on their servers, resulting in a stalemate between the company and government.

The Centre had proposed to assign alphanumeric hashes to WhatsApp messages so that originator of every message can be traced back.

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