Vivek Verma gets going with ‘Raahat’

Vivek Verma’s penchant for soothing and ambient music saw the release of ‘Raahat’
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Indie artist Vivek Verma has managed to strike a balance between creating music that he is passionate about and ensuring it resonates with his audience. His latest video single, ‘Raahat’, was born from his desire to create something ‘soothing and ambient’. When the concept of ‘Raahat’ took shape, he shared the draft with his friends and the owner of the independent music label Loop Beats Entertainment. “A&R Divyanshu Dixit and Yatendra Meghwal (co-founder of the label and director of the video) loved the sound. They decided I could bring the entire track to life and shoot a video, a journey that took us to Uttarakhand and Chandigarh,” Vivek says.

For an artiste, the creative process is a continuous journey, but there comes a moment when a particular work finally emerges into the light. For Vivek, ‘Raahat’ is that song. After two prolific years of creating a diverse collection of songs spanning multiple genres — from synthwave and pop to R&B and ambient music —  Vivek has crafted a unique blend in ‘Raahat. “Raahat is a fusion of ambient and romantic pop ballad, infused with the essence of soulfulness and a lo-fi vibe, and enriched with fresh sound elements, “ Vivek explains.  “It has a high recall value that listeners are drawn to.”

Fusing elements

Vivek Verma

Vivek Verma

As a songwriter and composer, Vivek intricately balances the two roles, recognising them as distinct yet interwoven facets of the creative process. “Music production and sound designing are the foundational and most intricate parts. While writing lyrics comes later, each element carries its emotional weight. The main challenge lies in the music production and sound designing, which set the tone for the entire track.”

The takeaway emotion for listeners from ‘Raahat’ is a sense of rich, soothing sound encapsulated in a pop ballad track. “I maintained the concept of minimalism in terms of sound selection and made sure that every element must sound sonically aesthetic and appealing to Gen A and Gen Z. “

Collab cohorts

In his musical journey, Vivek has formed several partnerships; he says he has always prioritised collaborations based on the artistes’ passion and the emotional depth of their work rather than rushing for new content. “I gauge how well we connect with the song’s sentiment before committing.”

Despite embarking on his indie journey amidst the pandemic, Vivek’s previous collaborations propelled him forward. “My previous work with Himesh Reshammiya, which garnered over 4.5 billion hits collectively on YouTube, helped me immensely. My sound designing skills have improved significantly through constant listening and daily compositions. With a dedicated team managing the release process, I have built a substantial song bank.”

Looking ahead, Vivek is enthused about an exciting future project — a blend of R&B and trap infused with traditional Indian elements, promising yet another innovative sonic experience for his audience.

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