Vinod Kumar writes to Rajnath Singh

COVID 19 Updates Vinod Kumar writes to Rajnath Singh

Vice Chairman of the Telangana State Planning Board B. Vinod Kumar has demanded immediate recall of the Agnipath scheme and termed it an ill-thought out action of the Centre and would top the list of blunders of the Narendra Modi Government after demonetisation.

In a four-page letter addressed to Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday, Mr. Vinod Kumar said jobs in the armed forces were a matter of pride and they should not be converted to fellowships. Stating that it was an ill-conceived scheme, he said he was aghast and deeply hurt with the sequence of events unfurling across the country.

Agnipath was a replica of contractual jobs in the army in countries such as the US, France, Italy and others who have mandatory military training for all the youth apart from offering such contractual jobs, Mr. Vinod Kumar said and felt that the Union Government seemed to be blindly replicating the illogical scheme that would not work in the Indian context.

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