Unusual Warmth Grips Hyderabad as Wintry Charm Takes a Backseat

As the new year unfolds, Hyderabad finds itself wrapped in an unexpected warmth, missing the typical wintry chill that usually graces the city this time of the year. The day and night temperatures have been on the rise, with minimum temperatures surpassing the seasonal average, leaving residents puzzled by the deviation from the usual weather pattern.

Winter on the wane as days turn warmer in Hyderabad
Contrary to the typical wintry chill, the day temperatures have
managed to remain slightly below normal. — Photo: Anand Dharmana

On Tuesday, the city recorded an average minimum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, a substantial increase from the normal 15.3 degrees Celsius for this period. The trend of warmer nights has been consistent over the past week, witnessing a rise of almost two degrees Celsius in minimum temperatures.

Data from the Telangana State Development Planning Society (TSDPS) reveals that various parts of the city and its suburbs experienced an uptick in minimum temperatures. Rajendranagar recorded 16.4 degrees Celsius, while Ramachandrapuram saw 16.7 degrees Celsius. Notably, areas like Yousufguda, Uppal, Goshamahal, Khairatabad, Mehdipatnam, Falaknuma, Charminar, and Amberpet reported minimum temperatures peaking at 20 degrees Celsius.

Contrary to expectations, day temperatures have managed to remain slightly below normal, hovering just one or two degrees lower than usual. However, the warmer nights are contributing to an overall deviation from the typical winter atmosphere in the city.

The India Meteorological Department-Hyderabad (IMD-H) forecasts only mist over the next five days in the city, indicating a continuation of the warmer weather pattern. This departure from the anticipated cold spell is expected not only in Hyderabad but across other districts in the state, with temperatures projected to remain above normal.

Meteorologists and climate experts are closely monitoring the situation, attributing this unusual warmth to various climatic factors. While winter usually brings a refreshing coolness to the region, Hyderabadites are left wondering if this trend is a short-term anomaly or a harbinger of a changing climate pattern in the region.

As residents adapt to the warmer nights and the unseasonably mild temperatures, the city awaits updates from meteorological authorities on whether this deviation will persist in the coming weeks or if the traditional wintry charm will make a belated appearance in the “City of Pearls.”


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