‘Uncovered the Truth’: Sidhu Meets Panel Amid Congress Punjab Feud

Sidhu added, “I have completely uncovered the truth. The truth may be oppressed but it cannot be defeated. So I have brought the truth of Punjab to the notice of the high command. We have to make the truth victorious and defeat every anti-Punjab force.”

Rawat was quoted as saying on Monday, that the MLAs had “high expectations from Amarinder Singh, hence the resentment”.

He added, “Our leaders told us they want to develop their constituencies. They were given some funds but now they need more. It’s like ‘dil mange more (the heart wants more)’-type situation,” NDTV reported.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh released a press statement today morning saying that his government would “fulfil all poll promises before going to the people for blessings for the 2022 election”.

The committee is set to meet the chief minister in Delhi on Thursday.

(With inputs from NDTV and Indian Express)

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