Traffic Police not allowed to stop motorists for spot fines: Commissioner

The Joint Commissioner of Police, Pune, has said the traffic police of the city are not allowed to take any punitive action (collecting spot fines and seizing vehicles) against motorists. This has been done after several citizens complained that they were facing issues. Having said that, it is important to note that the cops would still be allowed to file direct charges and fines will be issued through CCTV.

People complained of illegal towing charges. The tow truck would pick up the vehicle from the “No Parking” area even if the driver was sitting inside the vehicle. The vehicle would get towed even if the driver was ready to receive a receipt.

The officials said that the traffic police are not supposed to be at the intersections during the rush hour. They are only supposed to be there on some intersections. Because of the complaints, the Joint Commissioner of Police Sandeep Karnik has ordered the traffic police to regulate traffic only. Sandeep Karnik said, ‘Until further notice, the traffic police should not take any punitive action,”

Traffic Police not allowed to stop motorists for spot fines: Commissioner

As we know that mostly use e-challan machines to take action against motorists. In some cases, they also accept cash but usually, the violated has to pay the challan online in a virtual court. Now, all the e-challan machines have been handed over to the Deputy Commissioner of Police or DCP as the traffic police have been asked to stop the action. Rahul Shrirame, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic ) said that, “Currently, there is an increase in road traffic. There are constant traffic jams. Therefore, priority will be given to traffic regulation.”

If the traffic police need to take any action against someone then they would need to file direct charges against unruly drivers. So, the case can be registered in the police station against the motorist for dangerous and reckless driving. An action against violating wills will be taken through CCTV cameras.

The traffic cops who take action on road might have to face some action. The chowk will be monitored via CCTV cameras. A special branch has been appointed to inspect the roads. So, the traffic police need to be watchful.

Nowadays, technology is almost everywhere. The traffic cops are issuing fines based on the footage captured from CCTV cameras, there is also social media from where footage is taken or somtimes if a video goes viral then that is also used as proof. There are also speed cameras placed on various places. Now, there are also cameras at traffic lights that can detect if someone is crossing the red light or is crossing the stop line.

Recently, a Youtuber was arrested because he was performing stunts without helmet on public roads. He uploaded the video on his social media platforms and the cops used it as proof against him. Another incident happened where a Scorpio driver who hit a biker was arrested because video of him went viral on Instagram and WhatsApp. The footage was clear so was the number plate.


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