Tourists drive MG Hector on protected Goa beach; Police action awaited

COVID 19 Updates Tourists drive MG Hector on protected Goa beach; Police action awaited

Every other day incidents where tourists violate rules and go somewhere where they are not allowed to have become common. Last week, a Delhi native was arrested in Goa after he drove on a beach and got his vehicle stuck. Another tourist has done a daring act of driving on a protected beach in Goa and the video is now viral.

The video shared online shows an MG Hector being driven on the beach. Another person records a video of the incident and shared it online. While the police are yet to take any action or comment on the matter, it is certain that such violations do not go unnoticed.

The man was driving on the protected Olive Ridley turtle beach in Goa. The secluded beach is protected by the authorities since the turtle makes their nests on this beach. Driving around in such an eco-sensitive zone can destroy natural formations and also destroy the natural habitat of the region.

This is not the first time that a person drove a vehicle on a protected beach. Last month, another person drove around a Jeep on the same beach. We are not sure why the authorities are yet to set-up a security perimeter or block the access of the cars to the beach.

According to the information, this is the Morjim beach, which is a protected beach and turtles nest on this beach.

Beach driving is banned in Goa

Only a few days ago, Goa Police made an arrest after a Hyundai Creta got stuck on a beach. The man was driving around on the beach and then ventured deeper into the water. His vehicle then got stuck in the waves. The police also reported the registration number to the local RTO for further action.

Many tourists were arrested by the Goa police in the past for similar crimes. A tourist from Chennai was arrested by the Pernem police of Goa for driving a self-drive rented Maruti Suzuki Swift on the Morjim beach. While the beach was not too crowded, such an activity could have been endangering tourists.

Another tourist was arrested by the police after his Hyundai i20 got stuck on the beach. The cops arrested the man after the sea washed away the rented vehicle.

There have been instances where vehicles of ministers have got stuck on the beaches. It takes massive effort to recover such vehicles from the beaches as the rescue vehicle also faces challenges in the sand.

But what if you really want to take your vehicle to the beaches? Well, there are a few beaches in India that allow private vehicles to enter legally. There is a beach in Kerala, which allows vehicles to enter after an entry fee. Most of the beaches have soft sand that causes the vehicles to get stuck. However, Muzapillangad Beach in Kerala has hard sand that ensures that the cars do not get stuck.

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