Tillu Square: Highly humorous extension of ‘Tillu-Radhika Panchayati’



Tillu Square opens with a recap of the story of DJ Tillu, covering the best one-liners of Tillu and Radhika.

Updated On – 31 March 2024, 03:35 PM

Tillu Square: Highly humorous extension of ‘Tillu-Radhika Panchayati’

Tillu Square, the sequel to the blockbuster DJ Tillu, is currently running in theaters. The film was written by the lead actor, Siddhu Jonnalagadda himself, along with the director, Mallik Ram. Sithara Entertainments produced the film. Anupama Parameswaran played the lead actress. Following the setup of its first part, Tillu Square is completely hilarious and is providing an extreme dose of entertainment to the audience at the cinemas.

Tillu Square opens with a recap of the story of DJ Tillu, covering the best one-liners of Tillu and Radhika. This time in Tillu Square, Tillu extends his work in the name of Tillu Events, besides just playing DJ. Tillu falls in love with Lilly, played by Anupama, and decides to marry her as she gets pregnant on their first intercourse. But as the events unfold, the true identity of Lilly gets revealed, which places Tillu’s life in danger again. This is the main course of the story of Tillu Square.

Tillu Square has that banger in the opening sequence itself, with the repetition of the DJ Tillu title track by Ram Miryala. Anupama Parameswaran was presented super hot on the screen so as to carry the spicy essence and elegance of the female leads in Tillu’s life. The chemistry between Siddhu and Anupama added a lot of weight. Siddhu’s one-liners in Tillu Square are much stronger than the first part. The punch lines and satires are at their best.

The best part of Tillu Square is its screenplay, which carries forward and unfolds the events of DJ Tillu. They are aligned and used so brilliantly in writing. Siddhu plays an impactful role this time in Tillu Square, and he himself quoted the same in a dialogue. The identity reveal of Anupama’s original shades at the interval block with the background score of Chandramukhi turned theaters into a bomb of laughing gas upon explosion.

The second half looked not very attractive on the go, but the laughing interruption is back with a surprise element and, of course, the most wanted extension of Part 1. This entire episode is the major highlight of the film. As the film progresses towards the climax, there is a minute of emotional infusion as an addition. Well, the climax is back in bang action with a little twist, but it ends on a commercial celebration again that doesn’t stick much to the natural flow of the film.

Siddhu Jonnalagadda carried the entire film on his shoulders. It’s totally Tillu’s world and Tillu’s rule. Tillu Square has a very good choice of music from the director, Mallik Ram. The production design looks grand with the increased budgets resulting from the successful first part at the box office. Well, the makers haven’t yet announced the third part of DJ Tillu at the end of this film, which became the trend now mostly, but the audiences do really root for this.



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