This modified Mahindra Scorpio from Old Iron Customs looks off-road ready [Video]

This modified Mahindra Scorpio from Old Iron Customs looks off-road ready [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio was one of the trendsetter SUVs from Mahindra in Indian market. The Scorpio has been in the market for almost 2 decades and the launch of next-generation Mahindra Scorpio or Scorpio-N is just around the corner. The older version of Mahindra Scorpio were available with 4×4 and there are several modified examples of the same available from different parts of the country. Some people have modified the Mahindra Scorpio to make it more capable for off-roading. Here we have one such previous generation Mahindra Scorpio, that has been modified to do off-road duties.

The video has been uploaded by Jojo Wheelie on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks about all the modifications that Old Iron Customs have done to the SUV. Vlogger starts from the front. The stock grille on the SUV has been replaced with a custom made unit with mesh design in it. The grille is finished in a shade that matches with the body colour. The headlamps 0n this scorpio are stock units but they now gets an aftermarket LED DRL integrated in it. The stock bumper on this Scorpio has been replaced as well.

The car now gets an custom made metal off-road bumper with Raptor coating on it. A metal skid plate has also been installed on this Scorpio. The new bumper has improved the approach angle of the SUV. An electric winch is installed at the front and a set of auxiliary lamps have also been installed. Fog lamps are integrated into the metal bumper. Coming to the side profile, the stock wheels on this SUV have been replaced for 15 inch off-road rims and tyres. The fender on the SUV has been customised as well. There are metal panels which make it sturdy while off-roading.

The car is finished in dual-tone. There are metal foot step installed on the SUV to make getting in and out of the car an easy task. Coming to the rear, the stock bumper has been replaced here as well. The custom made rear bumper is made of metal and there are three parking sensors and a ball hitch attached to it. The spare wheel is mounted on the tail gate and it is of the same size as the ones used in the car. As the new wheels and tyre is heavy in comparison to the stock spare wheel, they have made metal support for the wheel so that load of the wheel does not fall on the door hinges completely. Vlogger also mentions that this Scorpio gets a disc brake set up for the rear and is probably the scorpio in the country to get this feature.

The interior of this Mahindra Scorpio has been customised as well. The dashboard, and seat covers are all finished in beige colour. Even the roof liner has been customised and it gets a custom diamond pattern in it. There is a custom made electric sunroof in this Scorpio as well. The work done on this SUV is not something that we would call very neat but it is definitely practical and a rugged looking off-road SUV.

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