This Father’s Day, Tusshar Kapoor opens-up about his journey as a single father

Tusshar Kapoor recently got candid about what being a single father to his son Laksshya Kapoor meant to him. This Father’s Day, Tusshar Kapoor revealed the lessons he learned from his father Jeetendra and how he paved his own path, both personally and professionally.

In an interview with a leading publication, Tusshar Kapoor revealed that he was busy and happy being a father and thus he is not looking forward to settling down. Tusshar Kapoor became a father through surrogacy in 2016 and believes that fatherhood was a life-altering decision for him. In the interview, he said that being a father was a complete detour from what is expected of a Bollywood family. He said he broke the norms by not having any grand weddings and receptions. He also added that he was proud of his journey and that he has his own style of parenting.

Tusshar Kapoor called his son Laksshya his calming effect and added that whenever he sits or plays with him, he feels calm and relaxed. He believes that it may get difficult to don so many hats but that is what makes parenting fun according to the actor.

In the interview, Tusshar Kapoor was also asked about what he learned from Jeetendra about being a father. To this end, he said that Jeetendra was a very lenient father who was calmer and more easy-going. He added that his mom was stricter, but his father would never shout at them. Kapoor revealed that just like his father, he does not like being too strict with his son. He added that he wanted to present himself as a patient father to his son.
Tusshar Kapoor also released his book Bachelor Dad in 2021 which traces his journey as a single father. The book also addresses questions about single fathers. This Father’s Day, the book was made available in an audio format.

This Father’s Day, Tusshar Kapoor opens

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