The Precarious Politics and Tamil Eelam in The Family Man 2

The Kashmir subplot from season 1 harmonizes with the Eelam plot of season 2, silhouettes of Sajid and Raji finding only sky as their umbrella (“this is my hometown, this is my land, only the sky belongs to all”, a drunkard’s croon in the background) more in common within their respective historic terrain than otherwise. If ethics of surveillance is a smoke break conversation for rookie agents in season 1, the seed of doubt – whether the work that Tiwari and company put in makes a difference, becomes the fishing net encompassing this season.

We work for no politicians and cannot afford to hold ideologies, Tiwari says. We work for the chair and whoever sits on it. This is the disillusioning perspective The Family Man, an Indian web series in ‘Hindi’ goes for with its host of characters and actors playing them spread across India.

If the season 3 hint is anything to go by, then Karunatilaka will help us out there too – “Evil is not what we should fear. F*ckers with power acting in their own interest: That is what should make us shiver.”

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