The Catcher in the Courtroom: How David Sugden Transformed Athletic Skills Into Trial Success

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When you ask David Sugden what prepared him for his career as a top civil trial attorney, you get an unexpected answer.

“Baseball,” he says with a smile.

In the courtroom, like on the diamond, Sugden commands attention and respect. But behind the polished facade of the man named the top trial attorney in California is a journey that began on the baseball diamond of Pepperdine University, where Sugden came from his native Canada and honed the skills that shape his legal career.

Much like the catcher is a specialty position in baseball, Sugden has his own specialty in law. Despite the stereotype that lawyers spend all their days in court, only 3 percent to 5 percent of cases actually go to trial. Most settle. Unlike most attorneys, Sugden’s practice is devoted to that small fraction of cases that indeed go to trial. He has spent the last 20-plus years honing his craft in the courtroom in front of judges and juries.  

“Most attorneys rarely go to trial. My focus is joining cases that have already been litigated, but are now headed to trial,” says Sugden.

Sugden credits his success with the lessons he learned as a college baseball player at Pepperdine. Sugden thrived in the demanding role of catcher, and learned that preparation, mental toughness, strategic thinking, and unwavering teamwork were the keys to success. Reflecting on his athletic past, Sugden draws parallels between the lessons learned on the field and the challenges he faces in the courtroom.

“In baseball, as in law, preparation and deliberate practice is everything,” Sugden remarks. “As a catcher, I had to know the opposing team’s hitters, their tendencies, their weaknesses. I also had to know our pitchers, their strengths, and how they were best motivated. Similarly, in the courtroom, I understand the players–the witnesses, the opposing counsel, the judge, the jury. But most importantly I understand the facts of the case and how to communicate them persuasively.”

David Sugden
David Sugden

The discipline that Sugden learned on the baseball diamond followed from Pepperdine University’s School of Law and in his career. After law school, he joined Call & Jensen in Newport Beach, California, the firm he remains at to this day. Though he quickly earned partnership in the firm, he knows that discipline and hard work were instrumental in continuing to grow as a lawyer.

Sugden recalls, his eyes reflecting his determination, “In baseball, I never considered myself naturally gifted or talented. What I could control, however, was my effort to improve. And I believed that if I committed myself to constantly improving, I could have success.” Sugden was indeed successful, earning First Team All-Conference honors his senior year and being named an Academic All-American several times. 

Sugden’s perseverance and grit have served him well in the courtroom. 

“In sports, you learn to embrace adversity, to thrive under pressure,” Sugden muses. “And those same qualities are indispensable in the courtroom, where every case presents its own set of challenges.”

As a catcher, Sugden was not only responsible for calling pitches and managing the game but also for fostering a sense of camaraderie among his teammates. 

“Baseball is a team sport,” Sugden emphasizes. “And being a good teammate means supporting each other, lifting each other up, and working together towards a common goal. So often, I am called into a case by other attorneys when it is clear it is going to trial. I know how important being a good teammate is for success.”

This ethos of teamwork and collaboration forms the bedrock of Sugden’s approach to trials.

 “Success is not achieved in isolation,” Sugden asserts. “It takes a dedicated team working in concert to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.”

But perhaps the most enduring lesson Sugden learned on the baseball diamond was the importance of leadership. “As a catcher, you have to lead by example, inspire confidence in your teammates, and make split-second decisions under pressure,” Sugden explains. “A pitcher having a rough inning is eerily similar to a witness having a tough time during cross-examination. A trip to the mound or a brief recess during trial is sometimes needed to slow the game down, and tell that player or witness, ‘we’re going to be alright.’” 

This ability to lead with confidence and conviction has been instrumental in Sugden’s ascent in trial litigation. 

“In the courtroom, I understand the importance of being a steady presence for my clients,” Sugden declares. “Stress is contagious. But so is confidence and optimism. Like sports, trials are inherently uncertain, so leading with confidence and optimism is essential.”I approach trials with the same mental preparation as on the baseball field. I focus on what I need to do while making sure everyone knows their role and knows that everyone on the trial team has each other’s back.” Sugden laughs and explains, “and then I tell them, ‘Let’s go get that verdict.’”

As Sugden reflects on his journey from athlete to attorney, he is grateful for the invaluable lessons imparted by his collegiate baseball career. 

“Baseball taught me more than just how to hit a curveball or call a fastball,” Sugden reflects. “It taught me the importance of hard work, mental preparation, and teamwork—qualities that have guided me every step of the way in my legal career.”

In the end, Sugden’s story serves as a powerful reminder that the lessons learned on the field transcend sport, shaping the character and fortitude of those who dare to dream big and chase their passions with unwavering determination.

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