Telangana: Wife, 4 others held for man’s murder in Nalgonda

Hyderabad: Five individuals, including a woman, have been apprehended by Nalgonda police in connection with a murder reported on March 17 in Kattangur.

The arrested suspects are identified as Kanugu Satheesh, 30, Vanam Navya, 26, Nakka Veeraswamy, 29, Dhanavath Hanuman Naik, 22, and Dhanavath Sai, 25.

The victim, Vanam Eashwar, had been married to Vanam Navya since 2015 and shared two children, a 4-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy.

According to K Shivaram Reddy, SDPO Nalgonda, Navya was engaged in an extramarital affair with Satheesh and conspired to eliminate Eashwar to continue their relationship.

Navya provided Satheesh with her gold chain weighing two tolas and instructed him to arrange for Eashwar’s murder. Satheesh, in turn, struck a deal with Veeraswamy for Rs. 2 lakh.

Veeraswamy enlisted the help of Hanuman and Sai, offering them Rs. 40,000 each to assist in Eashwar’s murder. Satheesh accompanied Veeraswamy to Kattangur on March 16 to identify Eashwar.

On March 17, Satheesh invited Eashwar to a party and arranged transportation. During the journey, Hanuman and Sai joined them, with Eashwar sitting in the front seat. The two accomplices in the backseat strangled Eashwar to death with a rope.

The body was disposed of in an agricultural well afterward, as per Shivaram Reddy.

Following the discovery of the body, a case was registered, leading to the arrest of all five suspects involved in the crime.

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