Telangana State Tourism and Culture Department Hosts Spectacular International Kite and Sweet Festival

Telangana State Tourism and Culture Department

The vibrant city of Hyderabad witnessed a kaleidoscope of colors as the Telangana State Tourism and Culture Department kicked off the much-awaited International Kite and Sweet Festival at the Parade Grounds. From January 13 to 15, the city center transformed into a lively hub of festivities, welcoming not only local enthusiasts but also 40 international kite flyers from 16 different countries.

Among the diverse crowd, three-year-old Divyaansh made his debut at the festival, his tiny feet running in circles as his kite gracefully trailed behind. His father, Dheeraj Reddy, a regular at the event, expressed how the festival had evolved over the years. “I used to come here with my late father every year to fly kites. Today, I brought my son along. I think in 2016 they turned this into a proper event with stalls and a music system. It’s really adding to the experience,” shared Dheeraj.

Colorful kites adore sky over Parade Ground in Hyderabad
International Kite and Sweet Festival at the Parade Grounds in Hyderabad. (Photo: Anand Dharmana)

The Parade Grounds, sprawling in the heart of the city, played host to a mesmerizing kite festival, turning the sky into a vibrant canvas of colors. The air was filled with banter, cheers of “kaate,” and the distinctive sound of razor-sharp manjha cutting through the breeze, creating a unique atmosphere of camaraderie among participants.

For Nishant and his friends from Guwahati, the festival was an experience of a lifetime. “Kite flying is not as popular where I come from. So, it’s nice to just have a big playground where everyone is so energized,” expressed Nishant.

Adding a delectable twist to the festivities, the International Sweet Festival unfolded at the Parade Grounds with 1,001 women setting up their stalls as part of the Sankranti celebrations. Open from 3 pm to 9 pm, the festival showcased around 400 varieties of sweets, ranging from traditional Indian delights like mishti doi, rasgulla, and badam halwa to global favorites such as payasam, balushahi, and plum cake.

Libby Benjamin, General Convener of the International Sweet Festival, highlighted the empowerment aspect of the event. “By giving stalls only to women, we hope to empower them. They are all from different parts of the country who came to Hyderabad and settled here. All stalls are selling only homemade sweet dishes, and we also have eight international participants,” he said.

Benjamin emphasized that the festival aimed to showcase the cosmopolitan nature of Hyderabad, bringing together participants and organizers from diverse backgrounds across the country. The International Kite and Sweet Festival continues to be a delightful fusion of culture, tradition, and celebration, drawing people from far and wide to experience the joyous spectacle.

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