Telangana State Commission for Women Demands Answers from Police Chief Over Alleged Brutality Towards Student Protester

Telangana State Commission for Women

In a recent development, the Telangana State Commission for Women has taken a firm stand against what it terms “police highhandedness” towards a female student protester. The commission issued a notice to the Director General of Police, Telangana, seeking an explanation regarding the incident involving the alleged mistreatment of a girl student during a protest.

The incident in question occurred amidst a demonstration led by students, notably including activists from the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), opposing the government’s plans to construct a new Telangana High Court complex, with the proposed allocation of university land for this purpose. However, what began as a peaceful protest reportedly escalated into a situation where a female student, associated with ABVP, suffered injuries allegedly inflicted by two policewomen who, according to witnesses, forcefully dragged her by her hair.

The Telangana State Commission for Women has swiftly responded to the distressing events, issuing a notice to the Director General of Police, Telangana, demanding clarification and accountability regarding the actions of law enforcement officers involved. The commission emphasized the need for a thorough investigation into the matter and urged the police to take appropriate action against those responsible for the alleged misconduct. Furthermore, the commission highlighted the importance of ensuring the safety and dignity of all citizens, especially during protests, and stressed the significance of upholding human rights principles in such situations.

This incident has sparked outrage among various segments of society, with many expressing concern over the apparent use of excessive force against peaceful protesters, particularly targeting a female student. Calls for accountability and justice have been resonating across the state, with demands for concrete measures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

As the investigation unfolds, all eyes remain on the authorities to address the grievances raised by the Telangana State Commission for Women and to uphold the values of justice, equality, and respect for fundamental rights in all circumstances.

Outrage Over Telangana Policewomen Dragging Student by Hair Sparks Calls for Action

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