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Sunday slump in testing, 173 COVID cases reported

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Telangana recorded 173 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday as only 35,160 tests were conducted. The last time around 170 cases were recorded was in March this year when the second wave of the pandemic was taking root. Back then too, around 32,000-40,000 samples were being tested in a day.

The testing on Sunday was unusually low for this month which has seen around 70,000 samples being examined in a day. From Thursday, the number of tests had fallen to around 52,000-60,000. The low number of tests coincided with the commencement of the Health department’s special COVID-19 vaccination drive.

The new 173 infections included 64 from Greater Hyderabad region, 18 from Warangal Urban, and 17 from Karimnagar. Eight districts, including Wanaparthy, Nirmal and Narayanpet, recorded zero cases.

The death toll rose by one on Sunday, taking the total to 3,904. The State’s infection tally stands at 6,63,454. Of those, 5,005 were active cases.

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