SNIST physicist finds solution for Riemann Hypothesis

Proof for ‘The Riemann Hypothesis’, a millennium problem in mathematics which was waiting for proof for the last 161 years, has been developed by a mathematics physicist Kumar Easwaran working at the Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology (SNIST), Ghatkesar .

The SNIST in a media release said the claims of Dr. Eswaran was determined and approved by an expert committee of scientists after careful perusal of the comments of competent reviewers.

The genesis of the problem arose from the work of the great mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855) who had written down a formula which can be used to approximately predict the number of prime numbers below any given number. Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866) improved the formula by using entirely original methods involving the calculus of functions of a complex variable, according to the statement.

However, for the past 161 years a proof of the hypothesis has eluded the efforts of the most famous mathematicians across the world. The importance of the Riemann Hypothesis (RH) was well-known to mathematicians and it was also recognised that proof of RH would automatically lead to the proof of numerous theorems which were dependent on the truth of this hypothesis, the SNIST said in its statement.

Dr Kumar Eswaran took off from the work of JE Littlewood (1885-1977) and showed that the RH could be resolved if the analytical behaviour of a certain specially chosen function of a complex variable can be determined, the SNIST said.

In 2000, RH was designated as a millennium problem, one of the seven mathematical problems selected by the Clay Mathematics Institute of Cambridge, Mass, USA and announced a reward of $1 million dollars for its solution.

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