Siddu Jonnalagadda’s Sequel “Tillu Square” Release Date Announced

Tillu Square

On the heels of his blockbuster success with “DJ Tillu,” actor Siddu Jonnalagadda is gearing up for the highly anticipated sequel titled “Tillu Square.” Fans of the dynamic actor, known for his charm and wit, have been eagerly awaiting updates on the film’s release. Their wait came to an end recently when the movie’s release date was officially confirmed by the film unit on Republic Day.

“Tillu Square” is set to hit the silver screens on March 29, marking another milestone in Siddu Jonnalagadda’s career. The announcement was accompanied by the unveiling of a new poster on social media platforms, which immediately sparked excitement among fans. The poster features Jonnalagadda alongside the talented actress Anupama Parameswaran, their chemistry igniting anticipation for what promises to be another entertaining ride.

In the poster, Anupama Parameswaran exudes glamour in chic denim shorts, while Siddu Jonnalagadda’s presence adds to the romantic allure of the film. Directed by Mallik Ram, “Tillu Square” is expected to build upon the success of its predecessor, delivering a blend of comedy, romance, and captivating storytelling.

Originally slated for release on February 9, “Tillu Square” faced a delay due to unforeseen circumstances. The decision to push the release date was influenced by agreements made between producers regarding Sankranti releases. “DJ Tillu,” the prequel to “Tillu Square,” had graced the screens on February 12, 2022, garnering immense praise from audiences and critics alike.

However, the reshuffling of release dates became necessary as part of a strategic move to accommodate other major releases in the industry. Ravi Teja’s highly anticipated film “Eagle,” initially scheduled for a Sankranti release, was postponed to February 9. This decision not only aimed to avoid clashes with Sankranti releases but also to mitigate potential challenges associated with theater availability.

As anticipation continues to mount for “Tillu Square,” fans eagerly await the cinematic magic that Siddu Jonnalagadda and his team are set to deliver once again. With a compelling storyline, stellar cast, and the creative vision of Mallik Ram, the sequel is poised to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression in the realm of Telugu cinema.

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