Shiv Sena: Rebels Divided Between Loyalty to Uddhav & Eknath Shinde’s BJP Push

COVID 19 Updates Shiv Sena: Rebels Divided Between Loyalty to Uddhav & Eknath Shinde's BJP Push

There is a second group of MLAs who are open to questioning even Thackeray’s leadership, though they are not saying it openly.

Shinde’s tweet is a cryptic signal in this direction. He has mentioned the “ideals of” Balasaheb Thackeray and Dharamveer Anand Dighe, his mentor who dominated Thane politics.

Though there are varying numbers doing the rounds, apparently 10-12 MLAs may firmly be with Shinde in this effort, at least as of now.

A source close to this section of MLAs pointed said that Eknath Shinde’s aides may be negotiating for a BJP-Shiv Sena alliance with a BJP chief minister and a Shiv Sena deputy – in all probability Shinde himself.

This means an end to Uddhav Thackeray’s chief ministership. Obviously, this set of MLAs are completely opposed to not just the Congress, but also the NCP.

Some of them compete with these two parties in their areas and would like the BJP’s help to take them on.

Currently, the BJP has 105 seats in the Maharashtra Assembly, while the Shiv Sena has 56 and the NCP has 54. The BJP and Sena together have 161 seats in the 288-seat Assembly where the mid-way mark is 144.

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