Senior resident doctors threaten to boycott duty

COVID 19 Updates Senior resident doctors threaten to boycott duty

A batch of senior resident doctors working at State government hospitals have threatened to boycott emergency and elective medical services over non-payment of salaries.

Around 698 doctors of the same batch started work at 18 government medical colleges and attached hospitals across the State as senior residents from November 2021. However, some of them have not received salaries for two to seven months. Their monthly salary is ₹80,500.

One year of work at government hospitals after completion of post graduation is called as Senior Residency. Every year, one batch of senior residents joins government colleges and hospitals.

Members of Telangana Senior Resident Doctors Association (TSRDA) have said that several senior residents are married and thus, have added family responsibilities.

For their part, officials of the State Health department said that the salaries were paid till the last financial year (till March) in most colleges, and that the pending salaries would be cleared in a few days.

TSRDA president M. Rajeev said senior residents at Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, Government Medical College-Mahbubnagar, Institute of Mental Health, have not been paid salaries right from the time they started working, which was November 2021. Senior residents at 13 hospitals have been awaiting their salary for three months, and those at two other hospitals have not been paid for two months.

They said that they have not received the salary for May 2021 for the services offered during COVID-19 second wave either. Dr Rajeev said senior residents are not provided accommodation or commute.

The senior residents have urged Health Minister T. Harish Rao to look into their grievances and instruct officials to pay the pending salary and stipend amount.

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