Salim-Sulaiman Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Story of Iconic Song “Maula Mere” from Chak De! India

Maula Mere

In a recent revelation, the highly acclaimed music duo Salim Merchant and Sulaiman Merchant shared an intriguing tale about the creation of the timeless song “Maula Mere” from Shah Rukh Khan’s blockbuster film, Chak De! India. Known for their iconic compositions, the duo shed light on the last-minute approval of the song, which became an integral part of the movie’s emotional climax.

Originally crafted for a film by Nagesh Kukunoor, the melancholic tones of “Maula Mere” led to its rejection by the director. However, fate had other plans for the song as it found its perfect home in the Shah Rukh Khan starrer, Chak De! India. Salim Merchant emphasized the significance of the emotional scene where Khan’s character gazes at the tricolour, stating that despite a powerful background score, Yash Chopra insisted on incorporating a song into that sequence.

Shah Rukh Khan

Recalling the frantic timeline, Salim Merchant shared, “The release was only a week away, and on that very day, we saw the movie and returned to the studio.” The duo had initially composed the song for Nagesh Kukunoor’s film Dor, but it was rejected in favor of a more uplifting track for a different sequence.

On a fateful day, the duo returned to their studio in the evening, and by early morning, “Maula Mere” was born. Aditya Chopra played a crucial role in convincing his father, and the duo successfully crafted a song that seamlessly fit the emotional narrative of the film, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of the audience.

Chak De! India, directed by Shimit Amin, featured Shah Rukh Khan as the coach of the women’s national hockey team and addressed the challenges faced by women’s hockey in India, earning its place as one of the finest sports dramas in Hindi cinema.

Fast forward to 2023, Shah Rukh Khan made a stellar return with the action-thriller Pathaan, directed by Siddharth Anand. Co-starring Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Dimple Kapadia, and Ashutosh Rana, the film garnered critical acclaim and box-office success. Continuing his triumphant journey, Khan starred in the hit film Jawan, setting new records.

In his ongoing cinematic journey, Shah Rukh Khan led Dunki, a heartwarming drama directed by Rajkumar Hirani, alongside Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, and Boman Irani.

Looking ahead, Khan’s upcoming project is a collaboration with Sujoy Ghosh titled King, where he shares the screen with his daughter, Suhana Khan. Additionally, Khan has an exciting project in development titled Tiger Vs Pathaan in collaboration with Salman Khan, promising fans more cinematic magic from the Bollywood icon.

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