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Walking through the bustling and sparkling clean corridors of Royal Enfield’s Oragadam plant, one encounters over 520 women, each playing an indispensable role in the daily operations. Their dedication is matched by their expertise, driving efficiency and excellence in every task they undertake. For instance, the new Bullet assembly line has about 44 stations where it takes about 72.32 minutes from VIN punching to vehicle roll-out. One motorcycle is rolled-out from the assembly line every 40 seconds.

Likewise, at the Vallam Vadagal facility, a team of 735 women shape the future the manufacturing landscape. Their collective efforts form the backbone of RE’s success story where gender balance is a cornerstone of its workforce philosophy. The company claims its gender ratio at work is 4:1 and the average age of women members is around 25.

Interestingly, women employees at the company come from various backgrounds and ages and help bring in their viewpoints to work — be it in roles like operators, assemblers, supervisors, data entry specialists or as financial experts.

Royal Enfield recruits all associates (men and women), through campus drive. The company conducts campus interviews in top polytechnic and engineering institutions across India to hire the best resources for its manufacturing operations. Their technical skills are thoroughly assessed and on-boarded seamlessly as per the company hiring policy and are imparted with relevant training and technical know-how before they are inducted into the shop-floor after extensive training in tools or processes.

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