Rock python hatching eggs rescued near Satyavedu

The forest officials on Monday rescued a rock python that was hatching its eggs in a field at Pudukuppam village of Satyavedu mandal.

A farmer who was collecting silage in the field when he heard a hissing sound a few feet close by. He found the snake curling near a hole on the ground. He alerted some youth who rushed to the spot. Sensing the commotion, the snake started slithering into the hole, exposing the eggs it was hatching.

The villagers informed about it to Satyavedu Forest Range Officer J. Prasada Rao who dispatched a rescue team. The forest personnel reached the spot and identified the reptile as a rock python. They rescued the snake and its eggs.

“As per the instructions from our higher officials, the rescue team identified a boulder-strewn zone with wet surroundings. The eggs needs to be moved safely. A bed with sand and soft coconut peel will be readied before completing the relocation process. The repositioning of the nest will take some time,” Mr. Prasasda Rao told The Hindu.

The rescue team urged the villagers not to harm the reptiles, but to inform the forest officials.

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