Review: Radhika Apte, Vikrant Massey-starrer ‘Forensic’ Is a Problematic Remake

COVID 19 Updates Review: Radhika Apte, Vikrant Massey-starrer ‘Forensic’ Is a Problematic Remake

Trans characters have often been used in pop culture as a “gotcha” moment as if the existence of any character outside the cisgender binary is so implausible.

The character is painted as an evil, monstrous entity. And their gender identity is treated as a “disguise” and the character is then casually misgendered and deadnamed as if the trans identity existed only as a ‘plot twist’ (the plot also confirms that the character has opted for a sex reassignment surgery).

The Malayalam original was very well received by audiences (the trans character is a new addition in the remake btw) and was all-in-all entertaining.

The Hindi remake can boast of good performances by its leads Apte and Massey, even though the latter’s character treads the thin line between whimsical and nonsensical.

Forensic (2022) knows how to weave a story but it often outsmarts itself in the effort to perhaps create a story the audience won’t see coming. Even without the problems mentioned above, the film struggles to find its footing within the world it has created.

Thrillers can be strange, they can be unpredictable, they can be simple or complicated, they can even take the risk of being unbelievable but if they aren’t gripping, they will not work. I wish the film had ended half an hour before it did; would’ve been a much better, concise film than it is now.

Forensic is streaming on Zee5.

Rating: 2 Quints out of 5

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