Rev Soft Global CEO Saima Ali Shares Her Story To Uplift Women In IT

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Saima’s story encompasses domestic abuse, betrayal, infidelity, and custody battles. Through it all, Saima was an American-Pakistani woman who defied social norms and carved her own path to success in the IT world.

Every step of the way, she faced obstacles. Even her Harvard education was hard-won and non-traditional.

“I was pregnant with my third child when I got accepted to Harvard. It took me 7 years to graduate while working full-time and raising my children, but I did it,” Saima recalls.
Her career, before, during, and after Harvard, encompasses leadership in digital and IT at some of the most respected corporations in the U.S.

The mother of three always combined her business achievements with an unwavering passion for improving the lives of women globally. Despite her career success, Saima wanted more—both for herself and the women and girls who were just as capable as she was but lacked the opportunities to achieve. Fueled by this desire, she broke free from corporate America and launched RevSoft Global.

With a smile that is equal parts wise, resolved, and beautiful, she shares, “I created a company that unites cutting-edge technology with a deep commitment to the greater good of women across the world. I am going to turn each tear I have shed and each hardship I have survived into a pearl of opportunity for girls and women.”

RevSoft Global is a worldwide IT and staff procurement firm with a twist. Not only do they provide state-of-the-art digital solutions and IT consultancy, but they are also a custom software development company that seamlessly integrates tech education for underprivileged women and girls with pioneering job placement into the business plan.

Not content to wait for the IT world to catch up with her vision of inclusion and empowerment, Saima developed a business plan that would make it happen.

“My mission is to provide the best customer-centric IT solutions possible but also to provide opportunities where women have a deserving seat at the table, and their talent is not only recognized but appreciated and valued,” Saima reports.

In fact, Saima has spent the last few months traveling the world to grow her business and her mission.

RevSoft Global is starting in Pakistan, where women are traditionally not encouraged to pursue careers in IT. RevSoft offers education, job training, and placement previously unavailable for women in Pakistan.

Saima’s dream is possible by using the advances in NLP (natural language processing) framework, which blends linguistics, AI, and tech to create seamless communication between people all around the world.

Saima even takes a unique approach with her non-profit, Jamila Foundation Outreach Program. Rather than launching a traditional non-profit, they are partnering with NGOs in Pakistan and across the world with similar passions to promote the cause of women in IT through education and entrepreneurship.

“We are benefiting each other by creating innovative solutions, leveraging and sharing both tangible and intangible resources, and grant-sharing opportunities. By working together, we strengthen our results and our resolve,” Saima proudly states.

Saima Ali
Image Courtesy of Saima Ali

While other companies may claim to promote diversity and inclusion, Saima is taking concrete action at RevSoft. Her passion is rooted in her life experience, so she naturally focused on Pakistan to pilot her plan.
She explains, “I want to dismantle the cultural myths about Pakistan. When a Pakistani girl receives an education and the opportunity for a job, she will excel. I advocate for gender inclusivity in tech, particularly in Pakistan, because I know it will transform lives.”

Saima’s novel approach creates a win-win for employees and customers alike. RevSoft’s innovative mission of inclusion, empowerment, and innovation both meets global IT demands cost-effectively and contributes to societal transformation, a unique bonus in the IT industry.

“I believe in the power of diverse teams to drive innovation and problem-solving. Our differences, both visible and invisible, contribute to the strength of our teams, the success of our communities, and the quality of our products and services,” Saima says.

Her global initiative is only getting started. Next, she is launching RevU, a virtual IT University in Pakistan, to educate women and girls. Her goal is education accessibility with no regard to financial or societal constraints. Once a pool of educated IT prospects hits the marketplace, Saima believes the entire economy of Pakistan will transform.

Saima is very aware that her story could have been very different. She knows the challenges facing women. Her experience as an American Pakistani, a single mother, and a woman in a man’s world informs her business objectives.

“Everything in my life comes together in the beauty of RevSoft’s strategy—humanity and business can join together for the greater good,” she says.

So Saima not only tells her story, but she also uses it to inform RevSoft’s unique business strategy. In a world where IT giants are gobbling up resources and exploiting them, RevSoft Global is designed to build up both women and businesses in the places in the world that need them the most.

Saima Ali has indeed turned her tears into pearls by fostering gender inclusivity and empowering women in technology. With RevSoft Global, she is sharing her success with women around the globe.

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