Rahul Gandhi’s Tweet on Not Bowing Down to the ED Is Fake

COVID 19 Updates Rahul Gandhi’s Tweet on Not Bowing Down to the ED Is Fake

First, we checked Rahul Gandhi’s verified Twitter profile to check for the tweet, but did not find it there. We only found one tweet dated 16 June, which spoke about the Agnipath scheme.

Next, we checked internet archiving websites Wayback Machine and Archive.is for records of the tweet, in case it had been deleted. Neither of them showed any records of the tweet’s existence.

We carefully observed the layout of the tweet, and found that it resembled a screenshot taken from an Android device.

On comparing the screenshot in question to one of the tweet shared from Gandhi’s account on 16 June, we found a few discrepancies between the formats of the two screenshots.

We saw that the distance between the tweet’s body and the username was more in the screenshot of the claim, as compared to the screenshot we took for comparison.

We also saw that there was a small dot separating the time and date information in the screenshot we took, but it was missing in the photo from the claim.

Moreover, the option to translate the tweet’s contents was not visible in the claim, despite both tweets containing text in Hindi.

We then changed our device’s system language to Hindi to check whether that would affect the ‘translate’ option’s presence, but it made no difference as the option showed up regardless of the device’s language settings.

Evidently, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi did not tweet about not bowing down to the Enforcement Directorate. The screenshot being shared on social media is a morphed one and has several inconsistencies with how posts appear on Twitter.

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