Raghav’s Take: Jitin Prasada’s Cong Exit (Not) Like Jagjivan Ram’s

Jitin Prasada’s Exit Like Jagjivan Ram’s, But Different

For everybody who is worked up about another prominent (not “heavyweight”) Congress leader, Jitin Prasada, quitting and joining the BJP, I would recall when the heaviest-weight Cabinet minister, Babu Jagjivan Ram, quit to align with the Janata Party in 1977.

The usually unflappable Indira Gandhi was shell-shocked, as her trusted colleague took an audacious leap to replace her as prime minister (and he would have, but Jayaprakash Narayan picked Morarji Desai, effectively stymying Babuji).

But what several Congress leaders are doing today is a bit of weak-kneed opportunism, exactly opposite to what Jagjivan Ram had done. They are jumping to a crowded, dominant, winning party, which may not have that much use for them. What’s more, they will run into entrenched/competitive BJP leaders on their own turf, who will do everything to neutralise them even further.

So, I am not sure how much these quitters will gain, politically. If you don’t believe me, ask the TMC quitters who now have their tails between their legs as they implore Mamata Banerjee to “forgive, forget, and take them back.”

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