Punjab: Villagers Build Area’s First Mosque for Muslim Brethren

Punjab: Villagers Build Area’s First Mosque for Muslim Brethren

In a fantastic display of brotherhood and communal harmony, residents of Punjab’s Moga Bhaloor village rallied to build a mosque for their Muslim neighbors on Sunday, 13 June.

The village had 7 gurdwaras and 2 temples, but no mosques. That is when the residents decided to do something special for the Muslims of the area and built them a mosque.

The most astonishing thing about the incident is that the villagers went out of their way to build this mosque even though only 4 families in the village are actually Muslim.

The Sarpanch of the village, Pala Singh, said, “There was a mosque before Partition in 1947 but its structure turned to ruins with time. We have four Muslim families in the village that chose to stay back and since then, Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh families live in harmony in our village. However, all of us wanted those Muslim families to have their place of worship, so it was decided that the mosque will be rebuilt on the land where it existed earlier,” in a statement to The Indian Express.

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