Plan Your 2024 Holidays in Saudi Arabia: A Guide to Public Holidays

Holidays in Saudi Arabia

Public holidays are highly anticipated events, offering a welcome break for both government and private sector employees, usually accompanied by paid time off. With weekends often coinciding with these holidays, it’s an excellent time for families and friends to embark on memorable adventures.

List of Public Holidays in Saudi Arabia in 2024:

  1. Saudi Founding Day
    • Date: Thursday, February 22
  2. Saudi Flag Day
    • Date: Monday, March 11
  3. Eid Al-Fitr
    • Date: Tuesday, April 10
  4. Day of Arafat
    • Date: Saturday, June 15 or Sunday, June 16
  5. Eid Al-Adha
    • Date: Sunday, June 16 or Monday, June 17
  6. Islamic New Year (Muharram)
    • Date: Sunday, July 7
  7. Saudi National Day
    • Date: Monday, September 23

Please note that the official dates for some of these holidays, particularly those related to Islamic events, will be confirmed closer to the events based on moon-sighting. This is a common practice in Saudi Arabia, where the lunar calendar is followed to determine the dates of significant religious occasions.

The strategically placed holidays in 2024 offer ample opportunities for individuals and families to plan exciting vacations, whether exploring the rich cultural heritage within the Kingdom or venturing beyond its borders for international experiences.

With the dates now on the calendar, it’s time for residents and visitors alike to start penciling in those vacation plans and creating memories that will last a lifetime. So, grab your calendars and start planning – your adventure awaits!

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