Opposition Leader Accuses Kerala Government of Manipulation in Arrest of Youth Congress Chief

In a scathing attack on the Pinarayi Vijayan government, Kerala’s Leader of Opposition, V.D. Satheesan, accused the ruling administration of resorting to extreme measures to manipulate situations and unjustly detain opposition leaders. The focal point of Satheesan’s criticism was the recent arrest of Youth Congress chief Rahul Mamkootathil.

According to Satheesan, the Vijayan government is exhibiting a ‘Stalinist’ approach, going to any extent to suppress dissent and imprison opposition figures. He asserted, “The government tried its best to ensure that Mamkootathil should not get bail, manipulating the situation through a police official who influenced a medical officer to issue a medically fit certificate. This certificate, crucial for the legal proceedings, should have been provided by the treating doctor, not an external influence.”

Mamkootathil was apprehended from his residence in Pathanamthitta district during an early morning police operation on Tuesday. The charges against him are related to the destruction of public property during a party protest held in Thiruvananthapuram last month, where he is listed as the fourth accused.

Following his arrest, Mamkootathil was presented before a local court, which raised concerns about his health. The court ordered a medical checkup, leading to his transfer to a state-run general hospital on Tuesday evening. It is at this juncture that allegations surfaced about the police exerting influence on the medical officer responsible for assessing the arrested leader’s health.

Satheesan expressed his discontent with the unfolding events, stating, “We will address this injustice in the manner it deserves. The government’s attempt to obstruct Mamkootathil from obtaining bail through such manipulative means will not go unnoticed.”

The accusations against the Vijayan government come at a time when political tensions are already heightened in the state. The opposition leader’s strong condemnation raises questions about the impartiality of the legal proceedings and the commitment to a fair and transparent justice system in Kerala. The government, on its part, has yet to respond to the serious allegations made by the Leader of the Opposition, and the situation is likely to escalate as the political dynamics in the state continue to unfold.

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