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OGH gets 2D Echo machine worth ₹1 cr.

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An advanced 2D Echo machine worth ₹1 crore was inaugurated at the cardiology department of Osmania General Hospital on Wednesday. It is first-of-its-kind equipment in any State-run hospital here, and only the second facility among all Telangana hospitals, including corporate ones, to house it.

OGH Superintendent B. Nagender, who inaugurated the machine along with other doctors, said it is equipped with the latest technology. Head of the Cardiology department Syed Imamudin said even minute differences in heart anatomy can be observed through this advanced equipment.

Diagnosis at private health facilities costs anywhere between ₹1,500 and ₹2,200. Around 200 patients consult OGH cardiologists on an outpatient basis every day, and 120-130 patients undergo 2D Echo diagnosis, which is performed free of cost. In a month, the number of diagnostic tests roughly comes to 3,500. The hospital has three 2D Echo machines.

OGH cardiology department was sanctioned around ₹8.4 crores at the beginning of the month. A high-end Cath Lab, portable ECHO machine, and other infrastructure are expected to arrive at the hospital in the coming weeks.


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