Naomi Osaka And The Good Fight

Self-care is essential and primarily something that Naomi alone can speak about and decide, in this particular instance. Hypothetically, if Naomi had issued the second release first and stayed away from the tournament in the first place, she would have drawn nothing but empathy from around the world. Unfortunately, though, Naomi addressed her situation iteratively, first expressing her desire to skip the presser before finally deciding to withdraw.

But what about the responsibility of the WTA, the ITF and the Grand Slam organisations? After all, many feel, they are parasitic organisations that exist because of the players. Far from looking after the well-being of the players that they market relentlessly for profits, if they do not even nurture channels of communication to engage amiably and promote a culture of care in these organisations, aren’t they failing in their basic responsibilities?

It is not uncommon for athletes to arrive at the interview room and find a couple of media professionals waiting to speak with them. I have personally witnessed Stanislas Wawrinka being brought to the press room only to be returned immediately as there was no one from the media to ask questions. What is the responsibility of the onsite media in terms of attending these events mandatory to the players? Who shall govern that?

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