Mumbai: Rs.19 crore worth gold busted at CSMIA

The Customs officers at CSMI Airport in Mumbai seized 32.79 kg of gold across two cases based on spot profiling. 

The gold was found concealed in the undergarments and baggage of the passengers, said authorities.

The seized contraband is collectively valued at Rs. 19.15 crore.

According to customs authorities at Mumbai airport, two female foreign nationals, traveling from Nairobi to Mumbai, were intercepted by two Customs officers at CSMI Airport. 

One accused was found carrying 28 pieces of 22 karat gold melted bars while the other was found with 70 pieces of 22 karat gold melted bars, with a total net weight of 32.79 kg, concealed in their undergarments and baggage. 

Both passengers were arrested.

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