Ministry of Interior in Kuwait Seizes Record-Breaking Liquor Haul Valued at One Million Kuwaiti Dinars

Ministry of Interior

In a significant crackdown on illegal activities, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) in Kuwait has intercepted a colossal shipment of liquor, marking the largest seizure of its kind this year. The operation, conducted at Shuwaikh Port, resulted in the confiscation of 13,422 bottles of alcohol, with an estimated value of one million Kuwaiti dinars (equivalent to approximately Rs 27,01,26,260).

The illicit liquor, concealed within a furniture container originating from an Asian country, was intercepted by vigilant MoI officials. A video released by the ministry showcases the extensive array of bottles and parcels seized during the operation, highlighting the scale of the illicit activity thwarted by authorities.

According to official statements, three individuals involved in the smuggling operation have been identified and apprehended. The seized alcoholic beverages have been handed over to the appropriate authorities to initiate legal proceedings against the perpetrators.

Describing the operation as a significant blow to liquor merchants and promoters operating outside the bounds of the law, the MoI emphasized the collaborative effort between criminal security personnel and the general administration of customs. This coordinated effort underscores the government’s commitment to combating illegal activities and upholding the rule of law within the country.

The successful interception of this massive liquor haul underscores the efficacy of ongoing efforts by Kuwaiti authorities to curb illicit trade and maintain public safety. With rigorous enforcement measures in place, the MoI remains steadfast in its resolve to identify and apprehend individuals engaged in unlawful activities, safeguarding the nation’s security and well-being.

The Ministry of Interior has urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or attempts to smuggle contraband substances. Through continued cooperation and vigilance, Kuwait aims to reinforce its stance against illegal trade and uphold the integrity of its borders.

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