Mentalist Nipin Niravath & Musician Yeldho John: Cryptic 2.0

Left, Nipin Niravath and Yeldho John
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What happens when music and mentalism meet? Mentalist Nipin Niravath and Kochi-based musician Yeldho John bring the two together in a unique show. Cryptic 2.0, a two-hour performance by Nipin, has Yeldho creating a live musical backdrop. 

The theatrical show, which is designed as a mysterious, investigative thriller, has several emotional moments, says Nipin. “I felt adding a musical element would elevate the performance and heighten the audience’s experience.” 

In Yeldho, he met the perfect accompanist. “He easily picked up on the mood of the performance and created a background score that complemented my narrative,” he adds. 

Music, Nipin realised, acted as a bridge between the performance on stage and the audience’s emotions. Though started as an experiment, the effect urged Nipin and Yeldho to collaborate. They worked together, gave form and structure to the piece and officially staged their first performance at JT Pac, Kochi, six months ago. 

Yeldho John

Yeldho John
| Photo Credit:
Special Arrangement

It was something he had never tried before, Yeldho says. “I have done stage shows and live performances, but something like this was a new experience for me. Throughout the show, the moods and the situations change and the music has to change accordingly,” he adds. 

It starts by creating a musical ambiance much before the show begins. “I set the mood with notes that pique curiosity,” says Yeldho. 

Nipin Niravath

Nipin Niravath
| Photo Credit:
Special Arrangement

As the show begins and the tempo picks up, Yeldho improvises music according to the mood. “It is like being on an emotional roller coaster – one intense moment could soon change to a light, fun-filled one,” he adds. Yeldho mainly plays the keyboard and uses vocals too during the performance. “While creating the background score, I have to be careful not to drown Nipin’s voice,” he says. 

“We have been getting a great response from the audience and that keeps us going,” says Nipin.

While Nipin is a known name in mentalism, having conducted shows across India and abroad, Yeldho, who plays the piano, violin, guitar and keyboard, has been active in the music industry for the past 20 years. He has dabbled in music direction and programming, does fusion shows and covers, but mainly spends time teaching Western classical violin. “Music has the power to move people and when combined with a show, which takes you through psychological twists and turns, creates a memorable experience,” he adds.

The duo is set to perform in Saudi Arabia in April. 

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