Meat Seller Dies in UP, Wife Blames Police While They Deny Claims

26-year-old Shahana is inconsolable, her husband Aquil Qureshi who has been booked in a few cow slaughter cases in UP’s Bulandshahr, died after the police confronted him at his residence.

The incident happened on the intervening night of 23 and 24 May, around 1:00 am. While the police claim that Qureshi, in his mid-30s, died when he tried to escape from the spot, as he is a wanted criminal, his wife and kids who are eyewitnesses say that they saw the police beat and push him.

“I stood on the terrace, was shivering in fear. In front of me they kicked him and pushed him off the terrace. They abused me and said they will throw me too. They did not take a second and left right away. My kids are very small, what am I supposed to do, can you tell me what I should do?” she asks repeatedly.

Shahana has started observing a period of mourning called iddat after her husband, Aquil Qureshi died (in the photo above). The period lasts for four months and ten days.
(Photo: Accessed by The Quint)

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