Maxton Hall’s Harriet Herbig-Matten & Damian Hardung Address Ruby & James’ Season 1 Cliffhanger (Exclusive Interview)

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Maxton Hall — The World Between Us left us with a major cliffhanger regarding James Beaufort and Ruby Bell’s fate. While fans wait for a possible season 2 announcement, Harriet Herbig-Matten (Ruby) and Damian Hardung (James) exclusively spoke with Hollywood Life about the season 1 finale.

As Prime Video viewers witnessed, James and Ruby have rekindled their relationship, but he suffers from a major trauma at home when his mother dies. After getting into a physical fight with his abusive father, Mortimer, James visits Ruby at home, where she is enjoying time with her family. As he peers through the window of Ruby’s wholesome household, James makes a decision and vanishes from sight, leaving their fate together unknown.

When asked what James is thinking in that mysterious moment, Damian provided insight into his character’s point of view.

Harriet Herbig-Matten and Damian Hardung in Maxton Hall
Prime Video

“It’s really that idea that if you truly love someone, that you want the best for them whatever that outcome is,” he explained to Hollywood Life. “And if you’re not in the picture, in that scenario where that’s the best future for that person that you love, then you leave. So, that’s what he does.”

As Ruby’s relationship with James hangs in the balance, Harriet explained what her character would do if Ruby and James break up again during a possible second season.

“I think she would concentrate herself, on Oxford and her family and on friendships, and on Amber and Lydia,” Harriet began. “I think she would spend more time with them and concentrate on this friendship. I think she was just searching for different love in girls.”

Harriet Herbig-Matten and Damian Hardung in Maxton Hall
Prime Video

Harriet and Damian performed several complicated scenes together, from Ruby and James’ arguments to their most intimate moments. As for how the actors developed a strong co-star relationship, Harriet explained that she and Damian “had a connection” from the get-go.

“And it was really easy to feel this love and also this hate,” she said with a laugh before adding, “It was really easy for us and just really clicked at the first audition.”

Damian chimed in to note, “And also we shot a lot of [the show] on the road, we were all together. It was like a trip feeling, we’re all in the same hotel, and so, you just spend a lot of time together.”

All episodes of Maxton Hall — The World Between Us are streaming on Prime Video.

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