‘Mandir’ Track Dropped Due to MeToo Accused Hashback Hashish

He then went on to say that Rana Ghose (Reproduce Artists) has ‘singularly attempted to create the safe spaces that others theorise. He added that his involvement with the Mandir video doesn’t undo his life’s work. He also defended ‘Pagal Haina’, and said that he has conducted his career with ‘honesty, integrity, and dedication’.

He then detailed the conversation he’d had with Uvika adding that, since Uvika had ‘made peace’ with the incident, he chose to give Ashish the benefit of the doubt. He further said that he broke ties with Ashish only after more survivors came out with allegations against Ashish.

In the next portion of his statement, Lifafa explained his reasons for releasing the song. “I spent 3 years of my life working on it to bring it out, and I don’t believe that mistakes someone else made should force me to shelve that work of mine.”

The description under the song Mandir, which Lifafa refers to, reads, “The song was produced prior to allegations against Hashback Hashish. A part of his share of the royalties will be redirected towards an organisation dealing with violence against women. As for the morality of this song existing, such is the world.”

His statement was further criticised for being self-serving and lacking accountability. He then posted a statement announcing that the song and video would be taken down.

“As late as this might be, I want to offer an unconditional apology to the survivors and others for not doing right by them, and for going about this in what I know now was both insensitive and callous. I will be taking down both the video and the song.”

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