Kuwait Introduces Part-Time Work Permits for Expatriates

Kuwait Launches Part-Time Work Permits

Authorities in Kuwait Respond to Labor Market Needs with New Policy

In a bid to revamp its labor market and address demographic imbalances, Kuwait has initiated a new policy allowing expatriates to obtain part-time work permits. The announcement was made by the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) on Thursday, February 1, through its Sahel application.

The move aims to not only benefit businessmen but also to utilize the foreign labor force more efficiently. The new system comes with a fee structure designed to accommodate different durations of part-time employment:

  • 5 Kuwaiti dinar (equivalent to approximately Rs 1,348) for one month
  • 10 Kuwaiti dinar (equivalent to approximately Rs 2,697) for three months
  • 20 Kuwaiti dinar (equivalent to approximately Rs 5,394) for six months
  • 30 Kuwaiti dinar (equivalent to approximately Rs 8,091) for one year

According to the guidelines, employees must secure a part-time work permit from their employer, with working hours restricted to four hours, except in the contracting sector.

Unlike expatriates, Kuwaiti citizens are exempt from fees and can engage in part-time work without any restrictions.

Kuwait, with an overall population of 4.6 million, of which nearly 3.2 million are foreigners, has been grappling with issues surrounding illegal foreign residents. In response, the government has intensified its crackdown, warning that any expatriate found aiding illegal residents will also face deportation.

Additionally, Kuwaiti individuals or companies found employing illegal immigrants will face charges of unlawfully sheltering and covering up these individuals.

The introduction of part-time work permits for expatriates represents a significant step towards enhancing Kuwait’s labor market dynamics while simultaneously addressing concerns related to illegal residency. This move is expected to streamline the employment landscape, offering more opportunities for expatriates to contribute to the economy within a regulated framework.

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