Jeremy Renner Reveals Scars From Deadly Snowmobile Accident & Talks Road to Recovery: ‘Get Better Every F**king Day’

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Jeremy Renner is baring all of his scars following his nearly fatal snowmobile accident in 2023 for a new profile in Men’s Health, published on Tuesday, June 25. The Town actor, 53, posed shirtless for the cover photos, and he revealed some of the scars that the accident left him with. After breaking 38 bones and suffering other horrifying injuries, Jeremy opened up about the road to getting better and how the accident changed his outlook on life.

In the shirtless photos, which you can see here, some of the Marvel star’s scars could be seen on his chest and arms. There’s also a pretty clear shot of a wound that has mostly healed on his back. While the scars are visible, he also looks like he’s gained a lot of muscle during his process of recovery.

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In the interview, Jeremy spoke clearly about all the different thoughts that went through his head while he was being crushed by the snowmobile, including speaking about how difficult it was for him to even breathe with the broken ribs and punctured lung. He also recounted what it was like being in the hospital and ICU, and how he spoke to his family during the days after the accident.

The Hawkeye star also detailed his workout, but he admitted that he still occasionally cramps up from the accident unexpectedly. He said that returning to work on his show Mayor of Kingstown was difficult, but he pledged to keep on the road to recovery. “The last thing I wanted to do—to be honest with you, I almost pulled shoot and doing this show—was fiction,” he told Men’s Health. “I gotta live in real reality here, because these bones and these joints—and I gotta go say fake lines and fake words and pretend to be . . . what? I got no time to f**king pretend, man! So here’s how I shifted it, because I only have control of my perspective: I’m coming to Pittsburgh to recover in my body and get better every f**king day, and I’m gonna do this show on the side. Instead of it being the other way around.”

In the interview, he also spoke about how having the near-death experience and being put on life support changed his perspective on mortality. “Let this body die. Trust me: It was way better being out of it. Being dead,” he said. “I’m glad I’m here, and I’m going to keep feeding what you take with you: those shared experiences with those you love. It’s eternal, and you take it with you. It’s connected. There’s no time, place, or space. It’s magnificent. It’s the mind’s eye. Not your vision.”

Jeremy also explained how the accident gave him a new lease on life, and he’s going to appreciate everything that comes with it. “Oh, God. I’m not having another bad day ever, dude,” he said.

Since the snowplow accident, Jeremy has opened up about the experience in multiple interviews, and he’s shared updates on his progress on social media along the way. While he took time off to recover from experience, he’s set to return to the big screen in the next Knives Out film. 

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