Inter-District Gang Busted for Stealing and Smuggling Telecom Equipment

In a significant breakthrough, the Medak Police apprehended an inter-district gang involved in the theft of baseband units (BBUs) from Airtel mobile towers across the state. The stolen BBUs, telecom system devices valued between Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh each, were allegedly being smuggled to Bangladesh for sale in the black market at a meager Rs. 15,000 per unit, authorities revealed in a press conference addressed by Medak Superintendent of Police, B Balaswamy, on Thursday.

The 11-member gang operated across Kamareddy, Medak, Sangareddy, Siddipet, and Cyberabad, accumulating a total of 26 cases. Investigations led the police to identify Masin Mahesh, a former Airtel employee, as the mastermind behind the illicit operation.

The gang’s illicit activities came to light when they stole two BBUs from Ramanthapur and Rampur villages in Chegunta Mandal on January 13. Following a prompt complaint from Airtel management, law enforcement traced the culprits using a hired car, leading to the apprehension of seven out of the 11 members.

The arrested individuals include Masin Mahesh, K Santosh Reddy, G Rathnakar Reddy, K Raju Goud, M Anil, Mohammad Afroz, and P Ashok. However, four members of the gang are still at large. During the operation, the police seized three cars, five BBUs, seven mobile phones, and one bike from the possession of the arrested individuals.

Superintendent B Balaswamy revealed that Mahesh, the alleged mastermind, had previously worked in the marketing department of Airtel. The police suspect the involvement of other individuals within the company, and investigations are ongoing to ascertain the full extent of the network involved in the theft and smuggling of telecom equipment.

The Medak Police have expressed their commitment to crack down on such organized criminal activities and urged the public to report any suspicious activities related to telecom infrastructure theft. The arrested individuals will face charges related to theft, smuggling, and criminal conspiracy, as the police continue their efforts to bring the remaining culprits to justice.

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