Hyderabad Mathematician Claims To Have Proved Riemann Hypothesis

How Was Dr Easwaran’s Proof Reviewed?

Dr Easwaran, who works at Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology (SNIST) Hyderabad placed his claims on the internet five years ago. However, the editors of international journals were reluctant to put his research titled ‘the final and exhaustive proof of the Riemann Hypothesis from first principles’ through a peer review, The Times of India reported.

In 2020, after it was downloaded a thousand times, an expert committee consisting of eight mathematicians and theoretical physicists was constituted to look into the proof developed by Easwaran.

The committee invited more than 1,200 mathematicians to participate in an open review wherein the referees had to openly reveal their names and institutional affiliations so that everything was transparent to all other experts and nothing could be done anonymously. However, of the 1000 plus invitees, only seven responded on time

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