Hospitals gear up for more COVID paediatric cases

Both government and corporate hospitals are of the same opinion when it comes to reasons to gear up to attend more COVID paediatric cases if there were to be a surge.

Paediatricians from government hospitals and specialists from corporate hospitals have stressed that currently, there is no surge in COVID paediatric cases or indications of it, and that children have been relatively less affected.

Chief paediatrician and neonatologist at Medicover Woman and Child Hospitals Dr. Ravinder Reddy Parige said that children have been relatively less affected so far due to several factors. “The most important reason is the lesser expression of specific receptors to which this virus binds to enter the host and also their immune system. A very small percentage of infected children may develop moderate-severe disease,” he said.

He said that hospitals have to be ready to attend significantly more number of patients seeking consultations, arrange more COVID wards for children with more special units such as high-dependency units (HDU) and ICUs.

Clinical director neonatology at KIMS Cuddles Dr. C. Aparna said that arrangements include ICU facilities, more ventilators, and breathing support.

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