High-Profile Drunk Driving Incident in Hyderabad Leaves Two Injured

Published Date – 8 January 2024, 04:19 PM

Two injured in drunk and drive accident in Hyderabad
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Former Minister’s Relative Involved in Forum Circle Accident After Pub Outing

Hyderabad – In a distressing incident that unfolded on Sunday night, a high-profile drunk driving case in Hyderabad has left two individuals injured after a car driven by Agraj Reddy, a relative of former Minister Indrakaran Reddy, collided with motorists at Forum Circle in the KPHB police station limits.

The events leading to the accident began earlier in the evening when Agraj Reddy, accompanied by friends Teja and Karthik, visited a pub in Gachibowli. The trio indulged in alcoholic beverages, leading to a state of inebriation.

Deciding to hire a driver for their journey back home, the group initially took a responsible approach. However, it wasn’t long before Agraj Reddy decided to take control of the steering wheel himself, leading to the unfortunate incident.

“At Forum Mall Circle, Agraj rammed the car into two people, causing injuries. A case has been registered, and the driver has been taken into custody. He was released after issuing a 41A CrPC notice,” revealed ACP Kukatpally, Shiva Bhaskar.

The injured victims were promptly transported to a local hospital, where they are currently receiving medical treatment for their injuries.

Closed-circuit cameras installed in the vicinity captured the entire incident, providing crucial evidence for the ongoing investigation. The footage will likely play a pivotal role in determining the events leading up to the accident and holding those responsible accountable.

In a standard procedure, the police conducted a breathalyzer test on Agraj Reddy, confirming that he was indeed under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident. This revelation further emphasizes the dangers of drunk driving and the potential harm it can cause to innocent road users.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of responsible alcohol consumption and the severe consequences that can result from driving under the influence. Hyderabad authorities continue to prioritize road safety and enforce strict measures against drunk driving to ensure the well-being of its citizens.

As the investigation unfolds, the public awaits further developments in this case, hoping for justice to be served and for lessons to be learned about the perils of irresponsible behavior on the roads.

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