Health professionals and journalists assaulted by Telangana police on day 1 of the time limit

Health professionals and journalists assaulted by Telangana police on day 1 of the time limit

One video shows the police pestering doctors who were on their way back in the night.

In spite of writers, specialists, attendants and wellbeing laborers being excluded from the state lockdown as they are enrolled under ‘basic administrations’ by the Telangana government, a few reports have developed of them being assaulted by the police on the principal day of the time limit. Check-in time has been forced in the state from 7 pm to 6 am as a component of the lockdown.

On Monday, Bureau Chief of The Hindu, Ravi Reddy was truly attacked and mishandled by the Begumpet police, for being out and about, during the check-in time hours. Reddy was getting back after work. Despite the fact that writers are excluded from the check-in time according to Government Order 45, Reddy was held by his neck and pushed by the police working at Begumpet.

The episode occurred around 10.15 pm, close to the finish of the Begumpet flyover, which was blockaded by police. Purportedly, there was a gentle lathi-charge also, when columnists accumulated around and scrutinized the police.

Reddy stated, “I was trusting that the police will expel the blockades. Before long, in any event, 20 vehicles including numerous writers had accumulated behind. I proceeded to talk with an Assistant Commissioner of Police level official, I demonstrated my personality card and clarified that I was a writer and we are absolved from the check-in time. Be that as it may, he rather and requested that I talk with the Sub Inspector. However, the SI didn’t pay notice. Sooner or later, the vehicles were occupied towards Fatehnagar.” Reddy is an inhabitant of Old Alwal which is in Secunderabad.

The agency boss dissuaded the police that he expected to continue straight towards Secunderabad. In any case, the SI and constables abused him and persuasively drove him into his vehicle.

“I was held by the neck and annoyed,” Reddy said. He included that none of the police workforces were wearing their nameplates.

In the wake of moving the vehicle somewhat ahead, Reddy announced the provocation to their Resident Editor. Along these lines, the Director-General of Police and the Hyderabad Commissioner were educated.

“I have been filling in as a writer throughout the previous 24 years. My spell remembered working for a Naxal-influenced territory yet I never confronted such a circumstance,” Reddy said.

Not simply Reddy, a few writers over the state confronted the brunt of police, said Telangana Union of Working Journalists (TUWJ), general secretary, Virahat Ali.

TUWJ said that they would meet DGP Mahender Reddy and give a portrayal right now.

“At the point when the Chief Minister himself obviously said that print and electronic media are basic assistance, the badgering of the writers implies that the police are damaging the Government Order. This overbearing needs to stop. We are taking a chance with our lives and carrying out our responsibility. We are helping out the legislature to handle the emergency, and this is the treatment we are accepting. We ensure this,” Virahat said.

Additionally, obligation specialists and medical attendants confronted provocation from police and a portion of their vehicles were vandalized by police.

Dr. Sidhardha K, a specialist from Osmania Hospital, reviewing his difficulty stated, “I left the medical clinic at 9 pm. On my way home, I was halted by police who said I wasn’t permitted to be outside. I demonstrated them my personality card in an advanced structure, yet the cop wouldn’t tune in and let me know again I wasn’t permitted to be outside. They hit me and broke the glass and visor of my bicycle when I had a go at dissuading them.”

The doctor said that he recorded a protest with the Lalaguda police right now.

A health worker additionally, who was going to the administrations was supposedly beaten by the police.

Another PG understudy from Osmania Hospital stated, “I was in transit once again from my day of work around evening time when the police halted us. There were three of us in the vehicle as there have been issues masterminding rides during this time.” according to the Government Order gave on Monday just two people can go in a vehicle.

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