HavenArk join hands with Zimtra to strengthen community trading

HavenArk, a leading trading community in Kochi, has announced a strategic partnership with Zimtra, a proprietary asset management firm. Leveraging HavenArk’s extensive trader network, the collaboration aims to usher in a new era of trading proficiency and economic empowerment.

With Zimtra already allocating over $5 million to traders and a steadfast commitment to bolster financial literacy rates in India, HavenArk and Zimtra are set to stimulate nationwide economic advancement.

A press note said the partnership aims to establish a secure platform through HavenArk, offering individuals the necessary tools and capital to excel in trading, a novel concept within the Indian market.

HavenArk and Zimtra are rewriting the narrative of the very conventional trading world, which is often associated with risks and losses, by providing a simulated trading platform where users can refine their skills without risking personal capital.

Akash Jayan, Co-founder of HavenArk, said, “We are paving the way for a new generation of traders. Our innovative approach removes entry barriers, providing a risk-free opportunity for homemakers, college students, retired professionals, and anyone with time and talent to spare.” HavenArk has trained over 20,000 individuals across India, equipping them with top-tier trading skills and promoting a community trading ethos.

“We are thrilled to announce our entry into the Indian market,” said Adam Lambert, Managing Director of Zimtra. “Our vision transcends traditional transformations; we’re reshaping the financial landscape of India. By nurturing talent and granting access to capital, we’re empowering a new wave of traders poised to propel economic growth and prosperity”, he said.

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